Speed Cleaning Secrets and Household Cleaning Tips and Techniques

http://housecleaningtipsandchecklist.com - What Is Speed Cleaning?

Speed Cleaning involves the special house cleaning techniques that cleaning services use to Speed Clean houses. These are very effective techniques and the results speak for themselves. These techniques enable them work faster and much more effectively.

You can now learn how to maximize these techniques to speed clean your home. The techniques include:

house cleaning checklist

spring cleaning checklist


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From: LeRoy Hodge

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Gearing Up For Hurricane Season In Southwest Florida

Being prepared doesn't need to cost a fortune, and the price is far too high if disaster strikes and you are not paying attention. Great Weather Info- http://www.intellicast.com

Stay safe friends


-Clean Water

-Basic Supplies To Sustain Your Entire Household For At Least 2 Weeks

-Emergency Radio (crazy deals can be found at Goodwill and yard/garage sales)

-Bathroom/Sanitation Alternative

-Fuel To Cook With & Sanitize Water

-Clean Drinking Water Plan!

-Don't Forget Your Animal...

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From: preparedDUDE

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