L.I. Congressman Wants Ingredient List On Household Cleaning Supplies

You use them to keep your house clean, but do you really know what's in cleaning products? Could the ingredients be dangerous? Rep. Steve Israel has proposed a bill that would require the makers of cleaning products to come clean about what's in the bottle. CBS 2's Carolyn Gusoff reports.

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KonMari - Cleaning Supplies

Tidying my Cleaning Supplies is what this video is all about. I go through household cleaners, bathroom cleaners, Laundry room items and then put it all back in the cupboards. You see the before, during and afters. The bonus at the end is that my 9 yr old daughter plays the piano for you. My kids and family are what truly Spark Joy for me so they are staying but some of the cleaning stuff I had in my house was removed.

Enjoy. Subscribe if you haven't already. I would love you to leave a...

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