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Top Quick Kitchen Tips & Tricks

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Soup Too Salty?

Soup Too Greasy?

How To Separate 2 Glasses?

How To Polish Stainless Steel Silverware?

How To Clean Refrigerator Odors?

How To Slice a Cream Cake?

How To Clean Up Easily a Raw Egg?

Homemade kitchen Cleaning solutions.

Non Toxic Kitchen Cleaning Tips.


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Tip for kitchen cleaning hacks, cleaning the kitchen, kitchen cleaning tips and tricks | home cooking

Here are 6 simple tips for easier kitchen cleaning.

We made Home Cooking in light of one objective, to interface the world through video. Probably the most bringing together and extraordinary moments of our life revolve around a meal, the place where individuals meet up. We realize that we can't do this single-handedly, nor would we need to. It will take a group of profoundly enthusiastic...

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Secret Trick To Cleaning Kitchen Appliances

Are you having a hard time cleaning your kitchen appliances clean? Well chef Kari Karch has a tip that will save you time and energy!

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Life Hacks: Cleaning kitchen, bathroom

This month, we'll show you some tips and tricks to help simplify your life.

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Kitchen - Oven Cleaning the Healthy Green Safe Way!

Tips and tricks to save time, money, your health, and even prevent fire when cleaning your oven. Invest 15 minutes and pennies to save your home or life and be more efficient and environmentally responsible and thrifty all at once!

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Xo Linda

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My Cleaning Routine! Tips and Tricks

I thought I would share my cleaning routine with you as this seems to work really well for me! I hope you enjoy!


- Put washing on

- Clear clutter from surfaces

- Dust all surfaces (bedside table, windowsills)

- Wipe (kitchen bench and splashback, dining table, coffee table)

- Clean mirrors (bedroom, bathroom)

- Clean windows

- Clean outside of fridge and microwave with stainless steel cleaner

- Clean inside of fridge and microwave (purge old food)

- Clean bathroom:...

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How to Clean a Floor

Watch as Better Homes and Gardens shows you how to clean a floor! These cleaning tips help you keep your kitchen looking great from the bottom up! Sweep your kitchen floor daily with an angled broom, which helps prevent dirt from scratching the floor. End your sweeping patterns at the garbage can for easy disposal. A hand broom does the trick for this. When mopping the floor, hand-wipe the perimeter. Pay close attention to dusty corners, using an old sock over your hand with some cleaner. The...

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It doesn't take a lot to get your toaster dirty and yet cleaning it is a pain. Here's simple, easy and effective way to clean this essential kitchen appliance. Watch. learn and enjoy!!

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