How To Clean Baby Bath Toys

A safe and natural way to clean your little one's bath toys :)

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From: Vanessa Holcombe

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DITL Cleaning house w/ safe, natural, nontoxic sollutions!

DITL - follow me as I clean up the house after a busy weekend! I like learning how to use safe natural solutions to clean....I share a few of my tricks here:)

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Products Used:


microfiber rags

Norwex Polishing cloth

Norwex Dish cloth


Tough and Tender




Majic Erase Spounge

I created this video with the...

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From: gracenbeauty1

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t.h.f.* Range & Oven Cleaner(tm) presents the "t.h.f" brand of all natural cleaning products. t.h.f.* stands for "Totally Hazard Free" Cleaning Solutions (when used as directed). While they are SOAPS for external use only, they are substantially safer than most commercially available household and industrial cleaners, containing NO petroleum derivatives, dioxane, ethylene oxide, caustics, corrosives, fumes, vapors, artificial fragrances, or anything known to cause cancer, cell mutations, or harm to...

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From: ColonelCornelius

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Snap : Non-Toxic, Eco Friendly, Natural Cleaning Products

Order here: - Snap™ Essentials Kit:To keep every room in your home spotless, each kit includes three packs each of All-Purpose Cleaner, Sanitary Bathroom Cleaner, All Fresh™, Stain Remover and Dish-washing Liquid. It is baby safe, non-toxic,enzymes based.

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From: Anna Jiang

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