Favorite Cleaning Products | NON TOXIC | Review

My favorite cleaning products which are non-toxic and cruelty free.

These are my go to household products.


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From: Veggie Rose

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Make Your Own Natural Non-Toxic Cleaning Products- Shower Cleaner

Find the recipe at ElizabethsKindCafe.com for your own homemade shower cleaner - it works great, it's cheap and kind to the environment!

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From: NotaCoolMom

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Cleaning Products Review!! (Homemade/Non-Toxic/Conventional

Take a look at what we use and make to clean. My favorite products and links to make your own!

My Blog! http://vintagemamasew.wordpress.com/

Homemade Laundry Soap Recipe:


Make Your Place (Book with lots of recipes)


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From: Jennifer Garcia

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My Favorite Gentle, Non-Toxic Household Cleaners (And How to Make Them Yourself!)

Deep-cleaning the house doesn't have to equal buying a ton of different products or introducing a lot of chemicals and fumes into your home. Here are some of my favorite non-toxic household cleaners, plus recipes & ideas for making your own from common household ingredients.

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From: Meagan Francis

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How To Make Non-Toxic Cleaners: Homemade Glass and Surface Cleaner Recipe

More at http://www.vega-licious.com/.

It is important to use clean, safe, green household products to protect your health and environment. In this segment I will tell you how you can easily make your own glass and surface cleaner, that works even on tough stains and stainless steel appliances. Recipe to make glass and surface cleaner is included.

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From: Elena Wilkins (Vegalicious)

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