IG Pink™ on cloth and carpet

This movie shows how ISLAND GIRL PINK™ Cleansing Lotion can remove "impossible" mess from a cloth shirt and carpet. Removes 5200™ Marine sealant, oil and even dried paint! Although not shown here, IG PInk™ is FAR better than the proprietary carpet cleaning solutions provided with home-sue carpet cleaning machines.

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From: islandgirlMPW

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New Biofuel - Based Cleaning Solution Tested on Large Blood Stain in Pink Carpet

Testing the power of my new biodiesel - based cleaning solution formula on a large, resilient blood stain on the pink carpet in my daughter's bedroom.

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From: Scott Gallmeyer

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Pink Solution 10+ natural household cleaning ideas

With Pink Solution®, save money, your health, and the environment. http://www.pinksolution.ca It’s a marble cleaner, granite cleaner, tile cleaner, carpet cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, glass cleaner, hardwood cleaner, laminate floor cleaner, pet cleaner, and more!

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From: Pink Solution

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Pink Solution Organic Cleaner

Pink Solution is a natural enzyme cleaner, which when mixed with water, emulsifies dirt, grease and grime, and restores finishes to their natural state. This means that it will not only clean, but will actually brighten surfaces that most cleaners dull, such as stainless steel appliances and fiberglass bath and shower stalls. The enzymes will emulsify even the oldest stains, which means that so long as there are not permanent dyes involved, even the oldest of laundry and carpet stains will be...

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From: Pink Solution New Zealand

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