Interview of our helpers who clean our school

Interview of the people who do the cleaning jobs in our school and their reasons for joining these jobs were told to our team. The students taking the interview are Ashita Pandey , Ritika and Yaseen .

3. INTERVIEW OF Mr.Tilak Raj who is working as group D employ ,supervising the cleaning jobs.

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From: Neeru Sangotra

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School Cleaning Jobs

Building Services Group provides janitorial and cleaning services to schools and businesses throughout Northeast Wisconsin. Listen to an employee talk about the job. To apply, go to

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From: Building Services Group

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Tori's Testimonial For Expert Cleaning Concepts' Excellent House Cleaning Job

Yoga Instructor and university graduate school student is fascinated by the house cleaning services she received from Auburn, AL- based Maid Service provider Expert Cleaning Concepts, Inc. Are you looking for a reliable house cleaning in the Auburn, Opelika, Columbus, Lagrange areas and nearby cities? Look no further and check out Tori's recommendations.

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Dirty Ag Jobs -- Cleaning the Crap Tank

Conway high school students re-enact the TV series "Dirty Jobs" with an episode about cleaning the fish tank!


Videos hosted on this site were produced by high school students as part of a project to learn about visual communications and video productions. Therefore, the University of Arkansas and/or the Agricultural and Extension Education Department (AEED) makes no claims to the technical content or accuracy of these videos.

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Cleaning@ Cleanest Day

JCI Phagwara Elite organised Cleanest Day drive in association with Kamla nehru public school.Students did the cleaning job themselves to spread the sense of keeping our surroundings clean.

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Commercial Cleaning Services (

If you're looking for Commercial Cleaning Services, then Pristine Commercial Cleaning Services ( have just what you need.

At PCCSL we specialise in commercial cleaning services. We do school cleaning, office cleaning, end of lease cleaning, event cleaning, contract cleaning, commercial kitchen cleaning and commercial janitor cleaning. We have heaps of experience and know how to get the job done, no matter how big.

With over 30 years...

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Learn how to bid school hood jobs & big money government funded Pressure washing jobs.

This knowledge is included in our 4 day course at no extra charge. Taught by a retired government bonded contractor, this course will teach you the foundation of how to become a bonded contractor & bid on exhaust hood cleaning and pressure washing jobs put out to bid by schools and other public & government funded entities.

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From: MFS Exhaust Hood Cleaning School

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