Dip'S - Cleaning Services - After Cleaning Commercial - Govt - Water Tank - 2nd Oct. 2015

Water Tank Cleaning & Water Proofing (Residential, Commercial & Industrial), Water Tank Jacket, Car Washing & Waxing, Car Interior Cleaning, Car 4 Step Taflon Coating, All Auto Windshield anti Rain & Fog Treatment or Headlights Cleaning, Tow Wheeler 4 Step Taflon Coating, Sofa-Chair-Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Selling, Other Cleaning Service (House, Office, Glass, Curtain, Blinds, Wall....) ANNUAL CONTRACT IS AVAILABLE FOR ALL SERVICES.

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From: Dipika A Singh

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MCS Contract Services - Cleaning and Maintenance - Islington

Welcome to MCS Contract services. We've over 20 years experience providing a reliable and efficient service to all our customers.

We provide a commercial and residential cleaning and maintenance service, and also have a retail outlet from where we sell industrial strength and bio-degradable cleaning products.

Carpet cleaning, window cleaning, general maintenance including painting decorating across Highbury, Hackney, Islington, Walthamstow and Camden.

Whatever your cleaning or...

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From: ReelComMiniSites

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Testimonial Flyer

Commercial carpet cleaning marketing and sales using client testimonial flyers and brochures.

Video and sample flyer of a client testimonial. This is a quick video on using client testimonials in your sales and marketing routines. You can use these during the marketing, sales and follow up stages of the sales pipeline.

During marketing phase through a cold call or networking sometimes prospects will ask if you service similar industries/sizes, this is a perfect opportunity to pull out a sell...

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From: shane deubell

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EncapBlog9 The problem with selling "Method"

A common mistake is to sell "METHOD" when we attempt to sell a new cleaning account our services. In this EncapBlog video I'll share with you why it's just plain dumb to get hung up in the loop of selling "method". When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning marketing, your customer is primarily interested in results. They want CLEAN CARPET, that's all. This EncapBlog video discusses the way to address questions that come up regarding method and how to increase your sales using a slightly...

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From: Rick Gelinas

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Marketing a tile cleaning business

This is a quick blog on marketing a tile cleaning business to local commercial cleaning accounts using an email template.



This specific theme or value proposition is focused on restrooms, I know fun wow!

Two things about commercial restrooms, one most modern buildings have tile and grout in their restrooms. Two the biggest complaint year after year for commercial accounts is the condition of the...

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From: shane deubell

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