How to clean silver

How to clean silver at home.

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UltraSpa Combo Jewelry Cleaning System

Clean your jewelry at home and restore showroom-like brilliance.

Make your jewelry sparkle like new in seconds just like the jeweler does. The dual-action UltraSpa professional system's ultrasonic scrubs your jewelry with sound waves, and then its steamer blasts away the remaining dirt, cosmetics and residue with a 50psi burst of steam.

Includes strainer, fill cup, steam residue mat and tweezers.

Perfect size approximate 1-pint tank capacity steam cleaner.

Powerful steam cleaner safely...

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Jewel Jet Jewelry Steam Cleaner- Demonstration

Demonstration of the Jewel Jet Jewelry Steam Cleaning Machine. The Jewel Jet is the first device of it's kind made for home use. See how easy it is to use in this short demo from Gem Diamond Company.

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EuroFlex Monster SC60 Multi-Surface Steam Cleaner 08-4002-02

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The EuroFlex Monster SC60 Multi-Surface Steam Cleaner comes fully equipped with all necessary tools to clean hard floors, carpets, windows, jewelry, bathrooms, kitchens and much more. The Superheated dry steam cleans efficiently leaving minimal moisture which quickly evaporates leaving your home sparkling clean.

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