How to Steam Clean your Carpet : Tips on How to Steam Clean a Carpet

Tips on how to steam clean your own carpet with a Rug Doctor rented machine in this free introduction to carpet cleaning video.

Expert: Diana Bacon

Bio: Diana Bacon has been a florist for 25 years. She started working in small shops and learned the business from the ground up.

Filmmaker: Diana Bacon

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House Cleaning & Stain Removal Tips : Best Steam Carpet Cleaning Machines

Find the best steam carpet cleaning machines by looking on the Internet for detailed reviews of different products, or by asking the people who sell and rent steam cleaners. Get information on the important features of steam carpet cleaners from a professional house cleaner in this free video on steam cleaners.

Expert: Rachel Yatuzis


Bio: Rachel Yatuzis is a professional house cleaner in Nashville, Tenn., specializing in using everyday household items for...

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Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis When to call a Professional

Carpet Cleaning in Indianapolis by All Colors Carpet Cleaning-Dyeing. When to call a professional to clean the carpet. Before you spend your money to rent a carpet cleaning machine and do it yourself there are red flags you should consider. If the carpet is severely soiled or hasn't been cleaned in a while you will need a thoroughly rinsing and extraction. This is where a carpet cleaner with a truck mount system will come in handy but make sure they Scrub it as well if not it can leave it...

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How To Clean Leather Furniture with Steam

Watch how you can fully clean and sanitize your leather furniture without ever having to use any harmful chemicals with the power of steam. We can do it for you in the Houston Texas area, or you can rent or buy The Steam Doctor machine at

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Rug Doctor Rental Mesa vs Rotovac Professional Carpet Cleaning Mesa AZ

Rug Doctor Rental vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning company in Mesa, AZ. Visit for more information about this rug doctor rental Mesa AZ comparison.

We rented a Rug Doctor at the local Food City and then cleaned a living room in a Mesa home with it. We spent $58 on our Rug Doctor Rental in Mesa, AZ. We purchased the carpet cleaning pre-treatment as well as the deodorizer and shampoo. The Rug Doctor did a pretty good job. It got out most of the dirt and some of...

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