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Steam Clean Machine - We can steam clean your engine bay and treat it with our special rubber and plastic conditioner. The steam does not harm your engine unlike tradition pressure washers. Prices start from just £20

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Sargent Steam Cleaning Machine Helps Keep Child Safe At Home

Sargent Steam Cleaning Machine helps families who have children with immune deficiency disorders. Sargent Steam keeps their home sanitary, clean and GREEN! No toxic chemicals used - only Water! Who can put a price on that?

Call today for your FREE in house demo 1.800.SGT.STEA(M).

Since 1995, Sargent Steam has been providing innovative cleaning machines that use steam vapor technology to clean your whole home without harsh chemicals. A Sargent Steam machine cleans your kitchen, bathroom,...

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From: Sargent Steam Cleaner

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Whats The Best Way To Clean Your Carpets Steam or Dry Cleaning

I get asked every day what is the best way to clean carpets, is it with a carpet steam clean or a carpet dry cleaning method.

I think the best way is with a steam clean, there are 3 different types of carpet cleaning methods, 1. Hot water extraction using a portable machine 2. Truck mounted steam cleaning 3. Dry cleaning and all have their place in the carpet cleaning industry, but for me after 20 years of cleaning experience I still think the truck mounted steam cleaning method is the best way...

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From: Best 1 Cleaning and Pest Control

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Carpet Cleaning with Powerful Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaning Machine

1-949-545-5205 Steam Cleaning Carpets by Pacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning in Newport Beach, CA PCC is a family owned and operated business, offering the best value, at the lowest prices available today. We have been serving Southern California since 1987 and have many loyal customers. Please check our references! (949) 545-5205

Check out our Specials at

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From: Jeff Bryant

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Cleaning Machine Supplier Singapore

Visit today and learn how you can get the carpet cleaning equipment and supplies you need at a price you can afford. SuperSteam is the leading provider of top quality carpet cleaning solutions. They offer the best in steam cleaning machines, detergents, stain removers and more and all for an affordable price. If you own a steam cleaning business, you need to visit SuperSteam today.

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LPG steam cleaner machine cleaning heavy oil contamination

Some clients told that, if we make a LPG steam cleaner machine,, with 20bar steam pressure, we need to match a steam jet gun, without the trigger.

When they are cleaning cars or other device, it is not convenient to open and close the steam.

Now we adjust the steam pressure of our LPG steam cleaner machine, we match a gun with the trigger.

Press the trigger, the gun is spraying steam.

If no press, the gun is closed.

Even 16bar is strong enough to clean heavy oil...

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From: May Chou

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AUTO-DETAIL Leather Seats Steam Cleaner, Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaners clean leather! See a Commercial Dry Vapor Steam cleaner clean LEATHER SEATS in a flash. Auto detailing made easy! AUTO-DETAIL Leather Seats steam cleaner best prices guaranteed!

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Truck-mounted carpet cleaning by Cut Price Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control

For a deep down steam clean (hot water extraction) with superior dry times, you can't go past a carpet clean from a truckmounted machine. We are the Gold Coast's best value carpet cleaners - Cut Price Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control.

Give us a call: 0434 220 885

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From: Cut Price Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control

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Steam cleaning equipment is cleaning water scale

We have taken a video to show you, how to clean the water scale, by our steam cleaning equipment,

You can contact me by email,

Or add my skype: loncamachinery

I can send you the latest catalogue and price.

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From: May Chou

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