Harco Auto MicaleWipes, Auto Wipes

Harco Brands develops safe, unique and innovative cleaning products that makes dozens of dirty jobs a whole lot safer and a LOT less dirty. Eco and sustainability conscious, Harco Brands has both feet firmly in the future. Strong enough for the professional but available to the Tough on Jobs, But Not on You everyday consumer!

Harco Brands is a manufacturer of innovative cleaning products designed for the industrial sector to address the toughest and dirtiest work environments. Harco Brands'...

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Cleaning Chemical Dispensers | Multi-Task Surface Cleaner Dispenser

http://www.multi-clean.com Multi Task chemical dispensing system from Multi-Clean.

We are a manufacturer with a 65 year history of producing high performance cleaning and floor maintenance products for the commercial cleaning industry. We believe that the best way to maximize value to the users of Multi-Clean brand products is efficient delivery through a world wide network of authorized, professional distributors.

Give us a call today to find out who your local Multi-Clean distributor is...

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Water Cannon Inc, Pressure Washers, Engines, Surface Cleaner, Parts & Accessories


The Original Water Cannon Pressure Washer was introduced in 1981 to the Industrial and Rental Equipment markets and quickly grew into a leading manufacturing brand using high pressure water as a cleaning tool. Applications for our product include mold and mildew removal, flat surface cleaning for parking lots, sidewalk cleaning and driveways. Our rotating turbo nozzles expertly remove unwanted rust, gum, old paint and debris.

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Cruelty Free UK x 3: Household Cleaning Products

Hey everyone

In this video I talk about 3 household products that are cruelty free and that you can get hold hold really easily in the UK.

Method Surface Cleaner:




Waitrose - £3.00 - http://www.waitrose.com/shop/ProductView-10317--14151-Method+french+lavender+all+surface+cleaner

Surecare Washing Up Liquid

Wilko - £1 -...

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Proklenr™ Television Advertisement - New Zealand

"Great cleaning, gentle on surfaces!" Proklenr™ is a range of products that are high preforming eco-friendly cleaners specific to surfaces common in many properties like tile, stone and concrete.

Check out our website at http://www.proklenrproduct.com for more information!

Each product Proklenr™ offers has been custom designed by industry leaders and tested in the field for effectiveness and successful results. The brand currently offers six different solutions to your surface cleaning...

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Goo Gone Kitchen Grease Cleaner & Remover

Removing kitchen grease can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. You need a cleaning product that is easy, fast and safe to use daily to get rid of grease and grime.

Goo Gone®, the leader in cleaning sticky, gooey, messes, introduces Goo Gone® Foaming Kitchen Grease Remover. This brand-new product has grease cutting foam that clings to surfaces. The powerful foam breaks down the toughest baked on grease and food faster -- without harming surfaces or leaving a greasy residue. Use...

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Keep Your Leather Looking Great With Leather Masters!

Keep your interior leather surfaces clean and protected with the easy-to-use Leather Master brand products. They are water based and offer excellent protection on modern leather finishes. Available at Autopia-CarCare.com

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