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Chem-Dry is Safe and Non-Toxic, using carbonated heat extraction for the deepest clean over Steam cleaners.

Services Available:

Carpet Cleaners, Mattress Cleaning, Pet Odor & Stain Removal, Pet Urine, Red Stain Removal, Fine Oriental Rug Cleaning, Persian Rug Cleaning, Karastan Rugs, Rug Cleaning, Furniture Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Carpet and Furniture Protection, Truck Mounted Water Extraction, Flood Damage, Structural Drying, Dehumidification, Mold Remediation, Carpet...

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RELIABLE CARPET CLEANING: Mattress Cleaning Using Wipe-Out All Purpose Cleaner:


This mattress was treated first for stains, sanitized and then cleaned and deodorized.

Although not shown in the video, we used a commercial/industrial grade hot water extraction system to extract the dirt and residual moisture from the mattress.

Because of the deeply embedded stains, a soft bristle brush had to be used to loosen the soil in the mattress fibers. No extractor could get these kind of stains out without this "brushing" process.

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Pet Dander:Carpet, Mattress, Furniture Cleaning, Mississauga, Ontario Suffering from pet dander in Mississauga, Ontario? We can help with our allergy cleaning of your carpets, furniture, mattresses. We use plant based cleaners. No toxins. No perfumes.

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Mattress Stain Removal Calgary :- Carpet Cleaning _ Mattress cleaners in Calgary use completely natural cleaning products when they sanitize mattresses. The cleansers are gentle enough that they don't harm the environment, but they are strong enough to clean and sanitize a mattress completely. If your mattress is cleaned using harsh chemical products, you may find that you have an unpleasant allergic reaction to the cleansers which is worse than the original dirty mattress. Natural cleansers reduce the...

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Upholstery Steam Cleaner - Enviro Steam Cleaners - Australia

We are demonstrating the SV8d light commercial steam vacuum cleaner to deep clean our 4 year old lounge. The SV8d has 3 speed vacuum, 3 level steam and detergent injection. The steam cleaner is ideal for cleaning upholstery, curtains in situ, sanitising mattresses and carpets. This is not a commercial carpet steam cleaner but is useful for spot cleaning and freshening carpets and rugs. Use it to kill dust mites, fleas and bed bugs. But that's not all!!

The SV8d also has many more uses...

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Removing Carpet Stains with Clear Alcohol

Carpet cleaner's secret ingredient: Clear Alcohol! Not only does clear alcohol get out most carpet stains, you can use it on bed mattresses, car carpet, or anywhere you find carpet or cloth. The clear alcohol (vodka, rubbing alcohol, etc) is strong enough to remove the carpet stain though not strong enough to ruin the carpet.

Cleaning tip courtesy of what a carpet cleaning professional told me once; it was the secret cleaning ingredient in his truck that did the job.

Check out how to remove...

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Carpet Cleaners in Atlanta Ga

Steam cleaning with no cleaning agents, only hot water demo.

Dirt Blasters Carpet cleaning Atlanta since 1993 using all natural green cleaners. Commercial and residential carpet and upholstery cleaning, flood damage, pet stain removal, rust, blood and grease removal, mattress cleaning and more.


To leave or read a review of this Atlanta carpet cleaning service visit

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Professional Carpet Cleaners Rolling Meadows, IL

"Carpet Cleaned Professional -- Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

Call Us: (847)584-3073

Professional Carpet Cleaners Rolling Meadows, IL is a trusted company that provides an extensive line of cleaning services for rugs, upholstery, leather, mattresses, furniture and carpet whether used commercially or at home. We will do state of the art cleaning techniques to ensure that cleaning tasks are done accordingly with quality results. The proper...

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Mattress Cleaning with Best One

Best One Cleaning and Pest Control provides quality cleaning services, specialising in carpets, upholstery, mattresses, rugs and tiles as well as pest control services using environmentally friendly solutions. Find out more about the carpet cleaners Gold Coast company through its website at

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Webinar to Replace your Cleaning & Cosmetic Products with Natural Solutions

Are you unhappy with the chemicals in your household  cleaning cupboard? What are you using in your laundry, kitchen, bathroom and on your skin? Do you use perfume and air fresheners? Would you like to know how to make your own SAFE, NATURAL, extremely effective and NON TOXIC solutions??

Learn how to make everything from All Purpose Cleaning Spray to Mattress cleaner to get rid of dust mites to carpet cleaner to nappy cream, shower, toilet and bath cleaner, perfume, air freshener, toothpaste,...

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