Steam & vacuum cleaner machine for car seat and sofa clean

Steam & vacuum cleaner machine,

It is designed for cleaning car seat, home sofa.

Combine a steam cleaner and a vacuum cleaner, make good use of them.

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We also have carpet cleaner machine, please send me email if you are interested.

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From: May Chou

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How to Clean Car Upholstery with a Steam Cleaner

The Dupray ONE™ steam cleaner is the most resourceful tool to clean car upholstery. Visit to learn about using the power of steam to clean your car interior without using harsh chemicals. Using superheated low-moisture while paired with one of its numerous accessories, the ONE™ steam cleaner can transform car seats, headliners, steering wheels and dashboards into looking like new. Against car interiors, the ONE™ has never met a challenge...

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From: Dupray

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How to Clean Leather Car Seats with a Steam Cleaner

Watch how the Dupray ONE™ steam cleaner resourcefully degreases and cleans all sorts of leather seats. Visit to learn more about using the power of steam to make a dingy leather chair transform into a sparkling seat that looks brand new. Regardless of whether the leather chair uses full-grain, top-grain, split or corrected leather, and regardless of the hide type, the ONE™ steam cleaner is able to refresh every leather chair to look like...

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From: Dupray

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SV8 Steam Cleaner for Upholstery - How to Clean Car Seats

I am using the SV8 steam cleaner with detergent injection to steam and vacuum out deep in ground grime and body oils from a very marked car seat. When we finished cleaning the seats in this vehicle they looked brand new and added loads of value. This steam machine is a durable European built light commercial machine and is ideal for use by auto detailers, coach companies, aged care facilities, motels and accommodation and hotels to keep their seats, couches and curtains clean and sanitised.

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From: EnviroSteamCleaners

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Steam cleaning Leather seats - Kärcher SC 1.020

Here are my instructions how to clean your leathers seats in your car or home.

Im using Kärcher SC 1.020 steam cleaner.

Enjoy my video!

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From: David Lacina

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Dry Car wash & Mobile Auto Detailing of a Golf Cart - 145 PSI Vapor Rino Dry Car Wash Machine Amazing = Dry Car Wash Machine & Mobile auto detailer - 145 PSI Vapor Rino - Watch us clean a Golf Cart and Automotive Detailing using Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner - Vapor Rhino, Clean Vinyl & Leather seats fast. Wash car & detail inside of Golf Cart == SEE INJECTION SYSTEM IN ACTION! == Using the Vapor Rino 145PSI, 120Volt heavy commercial vapor steam cleaner.

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From: Vapor Rino

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Cleaning cloth interior seats with steam cleaner stain removal

First off I would like to apologize for the terrible camera angles/views. Top of my list is a new camera with mount...

Anyways... I tried out my steam cleaner on my mum's car seats that were full of stains and marks. As you'll see I'm over the moon with the outcome and result it left.

I did try to remove previously to remove the stains with a damp cloth but didn't work at all.

I also use the seam cleaner for taking the glue residue what tinted windows leave.

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From: Craig's Video Channel

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Steam cleaner ( Steam car wash Mobile )

-Power & Voltage: 3KW, 220V

-Steam Pressure: 15bar~8bar

-Dimention & Weight: 32*35*58cm / 14kg

-Water consumption: 80ml~250ml ( Steam control )

-Water tank: 4L ( Additives tank: 1L)

- Available 24 hours only water supply.

-Non boiler technology is safer with no explosion, cracks or leaks from a boiler steamer.

-Almost instant steam, 4 minute heating time. While boiler steamer need about 7 minutes.

-Energy savings. More steam is produced than a boiler steamer.

-Stronger, steadier pressure...

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From: Kim Yangsu

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Becma Carpet/Sofas Dry/Steam Cleaners Mombasa

CARPETS, SOFAS, Car Seats Dry Cleaning services Mombasa

BECMA Carpet cleaners are the market leader in carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Using our proprietary hot carbonating extraction cleaning process that combines innovative cleaning solutions and industry-leading equipment, our technicians will deliver a cleaning that’s not only safe for your carpets, rugs and upholstery, but gives you the peace of mind of knowing you have a clean, refreshed home that is healthier for you and...

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From: david gachoya

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