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Best Method & Stuff to CLEAN a CAR INTERIOR

Best Method & Stuff to CLEAN a CAR INTERIOR.

I have been using this cleaning product for about 40 years. Formerly is was called Westley's Bleach (Bleche) White (Wite) tire cleaner, now it looks like it is sold under the name Black Magic. But it cleans a lot more than tires and this cleaner works better than anything I tried over the years. I have been using this cleaning product for 40 years. Forget about using glass cleaner on vinyl seats, car interior or door panels. It's usually not...

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The BEST Household Cleaner

The BEST Household Cleaner. Westley's Bleche-White "Tire Cleaner" in my opinion is the absolute best household cleaner. It was designed for autos, but it works better than other household cleaners in the home. It is also very low priced. This product will clean vinyl floors, counter-tops and bathrooms for very low cost. It is a super household cleaner. Also great for patio furniture, boats and vinyl siding on houses. It is simply the best all-purpose cleaner there is, in my opinion.

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