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Floor Polishing Buffing - Ultimate Clean Hamilton NZ

Having a clean and hygienic office is the simplest way to improve your workplace environment. Our commercial cleaning services will provide clean and hygienic workplaces to your staff.

Contact Us for Office Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, Floor Polishing and Buffing



Ultimate Clean Ltd. 11 Ruske Place,

Rotokauri, Hamilton, New Zealand

Free Phone 0800 025326

What We Offer

24 Hour Servicing

Carpet Cleaning

Office Cleaning


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Couch Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning Residential Ultimate Clean

http://ultimateclean.co.nz/carpet-cleaning-hamilton Ultimate Clean Limited, has been operating in Waikato for the past few years. In these years we have obtained a large number of customers, and are continually seeking others in the commercial industrial, carpet cleaning, domestic cleaning and office industry.

For carpet cleaning, couch cleaning, home cleaning call us on 0800 025326 and make booking.

Our Services:

Carpet Cleaning

Couch Cleaning

Home Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning...

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Carpet cleaning hamilton live in home - Waikato New Zealand (3204)

http://ultimateclean.co.nz/carpet-cleaning-hamilton - Carpet Cleaning Hamilton, get carpet cleaning for $70 (3 Bedrooms and 1 Lounge) in Hamilton. For getting this offer just download coupon here http://ultimateclean.co.nz/carpet-cleaning-coupon-special-offer/

For information contact us at:

Address: 94 Aberdeen Drive, Hamilton, New Zealand (3204)

Phone: 07-846 6979, Mobile: 0212309244

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Steam Cleaning Residential Commercial Cleaning Hamilton


Steam Cleaning, home cleaning, residential cleaning specialists in Hamilton. Contact for all your residential cleaning services today on 0800 025326

For Quotes: http://ultimateclean.co.nz

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Industrial Cleaning Services- Ulimate Clean Hamilton NZ

Industrial Cleaning Services. We ensure that our service meets and exceeds our customers compliance for Food Hygiene, Health and Safety, Environment, Training and Security.

Services Offers:

- Floor Scrubbing

- Sweeping

- Water Blasting

- High Level Dust Control


Contact Us for Commercial Booking at Free Phone: 0800 025326

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Carpet Cleaning Hamilton New Zealand - Cleaning Services Waikato, NZ 3204

http://ultimateclean.co.nz - Carpet Cleaning Hamilton New Zealand, special offer for washing carpet 3 Bedroom + 1 Lounge just for $70. Call us now at 07-846 6979 or 0212309244

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