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Cleaning Chemicals Virginia, Specialty Chemicals & Detergents, Industrial Chemicals by Cavalier Inc

Call http://www.cavalierva.com at 1.888.569.0066 to get the best cleaning chemicals, detergents, and commercial cleaning product needs in Virginia cities like Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Hampton and Newport News.

As a commercial distributor of specialty cleaning chemicals in Norfolk, VA, the team at Cavalier has a combined 40 years experience in the chemical, maintenance and supply business. As the youngest and most energetic company in the industry, Cavalier Inc. has a mission to...

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Janitorial Supplies Virginia Beach | Commercial Janitorial Products in Virginia Beach

Janitorial Supplies Virginia Beach http://www.cavalierva.com If you are looking for janitorial products, supplies and floor cleaning equipment in the Virginia Beach, Cavalier Inc. is here to help.

Reinvented in 2006, Cavalier Inc. is the fastest growing specialty chemical and facility maintenance company in Virginia's Tidewater area. Cavalier's history, however, goes back quite a bit further than 2006. The company's history is a tale of two companies: Cavalier Marine Supply Company and...

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Navy Shipboard Cleaning Chemicals, Janitorial Supplies & Equipment from Cavalier Inc. Norfolk VA

http://www.cavalierva.com at 1.888.569.0066 is a commercial distributor of cleaning chemicals, equipment and products for the US Navy. Cavalier Inc in Virginia delivers safer cleaning products that are environmentally friendly, green and bio based. They are NSN and SHML approved for GSA cleaning environments.

The products are available through GSA, EMALL, MILSTRIP, FEDSTRIP, FEDLOG, eMARS, eBuy, WebFLIS, LogTool, Navy SALTS, DLA, DSCR and Navy One Touch Support.

Cavalier Inc in Norfolk,...

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Green NSN Janitorial Cleaning Supplies for Navy, Shipboard Approved Janitor Products GSA Certified

http://www.cavalierva.com GS-07F-9224S Green NSN Cleaning supplies by Cavalier, we specialize in green Eco-friendly NSN cleaning products and janitorial supplies, like bio-based cleaners and non-butyl cleaner degreasers. We provide NSN products which are USDA bio-preferred and free of OSHA hazardous ingredients. We make doing business with us easy. We accept credit card orders and many of our NSN products are available through GSA Global Supply, GSA Advantage, DoD EMALL, NAVSUP One Touch...

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Cavalier Inc. is a Distributor of Sustainable & Effective Facility Maintenance Products Norfolk, VA

http://www.cavalierva.com/ Janitorial Supplies Norfolk, VA 757-855-6091

To understand healthy and sustainable cleaning products and programs, you must first understand that healthy cleaning and green cleaning are essentially the same thing. In the facility cleaning and maintenance industry, green cleaning refers to cleaning products and programs that are healthy, sustainable and effective — that also have minimal impact on the environment. At Cavalier Inc., we prefer the term healthy...

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Green Cleaning Products Norfolk | Green Cleaning Company Norfolk VA

Green Cleaning Norfolk http://www.cavalierva.com/ 757-855-6091

If you are looking for green cleaning products in Norfolk, VA, Cavalier Inc. can meet your needs. We carry a variety of green cleaning chemicals and products - and we also have many partnerships with green cleaning institutions, ensuring that our products won't harm the environment. If you have any questions on green cleaning or going green in your business, give us a call today at 757-855-6091.

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Wholesale Cleaning Supplies Norfolk Virginia | Best Janitor Supply Distributor Virginia

http://www.cavalierva.com If you are looking for the best wholesale supplier of cleaning supplies, janitorial supplies and cleaning equipment in the state of Virginia, you are watching the right video. Give us a call today at 1.888.569.0066 and experience Team Cavalier Inc.!

We are proud to serve our supply customers in many Virginia cities such as Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, YorkTown, Tidewater and Hampton Road

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