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Avoid this mistake when starting a Cleaning Business

Let us make the mistakes for you and you will learn much easier and faster! A being an owner to a Commercial cleaning business ,maid service or janitorial company you will have many trial and errors moments. Here is a quick video to offer a tip to how we overcome the problem of being locked out of a cleaning job.

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How to Quote a Cleaning Job

Quoting for a cleaning job isn't as hard as you think. Whether you are running a commercial cleaning, maid service, office cleaning or janitorial services quoting a job can be very similar. Watch this short video that goes into some of the basics. Yes we will make a video in length on quoting and our processes!

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Proper Equipment to use when Cleaning an Office or Home

When running a cleaning company make sure you use the proper equipment to make your job easier. But most importantly make sure you never cross contaminate by using dirty or the same vacuum from account to account. The vacuum carries all the bacteria and contaminates from one account and you will carry it to another. Watch this short video to explain what we do to avoid this when running our cleaning business.

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How to Market YOUR Cleaning Business

What type of marketing are you doing for your cleaning business? Watch this short video as we show you a few marketing tips and tricks we use to grow our cleaning business.

WeTidyup TV is a channel dedicated to educate and share our wisdom into the business of residential and office cleaning. WeTidyupUSA is a successful cleaning company located in South West Florida that will show you it's tips and tricks, how to quote, on the job video and much more. Stay Tuned Weekly!

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Customer Complaints about your Cleaning Business is a Good Thing

Getting a complaint about your cleaning business is a good thing. You are probably wondering why did I say that. Watch this 2 minute video that describes exactly why I feel that an occasional customer complaint is OK.

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