Safety Concerns with School Cleaning Supplies | Cleaning ...

Safety Concerns with School Cleaning Supplies

Keeping the wrong products out of the classroom and getting the right products in

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As school budgets tighten and worry increases over the spread of germs and disease among school-age children, it is becoming just as common to see cleaning products on the supply lists that go home with students each year as it is to see three-ring...

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Sustainable purchasing of cleaning products and materials ...

Pest population monitoring.

An evaluation of the need for pest control.

One or more pest control methods, including sanitation, structural repairs, mechanical and living biological controls, other non-chemical methods and, if nontoxic options are unreasonable and have been exhausted, a least toxic pesticide.

The plan shall include a communication strategy to provide notification of the IPM...

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Green Cleaning Products - Exploring Green Technology

  rosemary extract

Why Buy Green Cleaning Products?

The fact that green cleaning products generally don't contain toxic and harsh chemicals has another benefit - they're hypoallergenic.

Being hypoallergenic means a product is less likely to cause conditions such as asthma, skin damage, and headaches that conventional cleaners can bring on.

A particular area where this is becoming utilized is in...

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EcoLogic Solutions | clean without compromise

Unlike our competitors, every product we

offer is sustainable. Green is all we do.


We Have Your

Industry Covered

EcoLogic Solutions is your one-stop shop for environmentally preferable cleaning products and technologies. Any industry, any place, any need.

Salt + H2O + Electricity =

All Purpose Cleaner & Detergent

Our game-changing Electro Chemical Activation (ECA) technology allows...

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Spotless Cleaning & Carpet Service, Inc. - Home

Spotless Cleaning Service, Inc., we are committed to using environmentally safe cleaning products in every home and business. Our cleaning service was created to develop a uniform process of sales, service and...

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Award Winning Commercial Cleaning Bristol

Yes, it really is true: All new Commercial cleaning customers receive a full Deep Clean and hygiene assessment by our team of specially trained cleaners,. Accompanied by our office cleaning supervisors, each with more than 15 years' experience, making sure your business premise is as clean and fresh as it was when first built.

Bespoke cleaning checklist

You are in control. With our Commercial...

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Seattle Green Cleaner - For a cleaner home and a cleaner ...

Seattle Green Cleaner specializes in quality of service, environmentally friendly values, and your peace of mind. Every ... [Learn more...]

SGC Green Products

At Seattle Green Cleaner, we only use products that are environmentally friendly and animal friendly. We want your house ... [Learn more...]

SGC Reviews


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Cape Cod Carpet Cleaning. Eco-Friendly - Dry In 1 Hour

Cape Cod Carpet Cleaning

Cape Cod's preferred cleaners. Cleaning rugs, upholstery, tile & grout. Located in Sandwich, 3 time Angie's List award winner.

If you are looking for the cleanest carpets, upholstery, tile & grout on Cape Cod, in the Plymouth area or the South Coast you've come to the right place. We are proud to have received the Angie's List Super Service Award for three consecutive...

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AA Carpet Cleaners – Affordable Residential and Commercial ...

Deep and Complete Carpet Cleaning

We use truck powered steam extraction for the deepest and most complete clean possible.� Experience the cleanest carpet possible for a rejuvenating feeling like new!

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Fresh, Safe & Clean

Your carpets take a lot of abuse. They also provide a cozy place for your family and loved ones. Treat your carpets well and they will last a lifetime! There's a lot...

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Home & Office Cleaning Services Singapore | Cleaning ...

Why choose Lifeline's office cleaning?



The advantage of Lifeline's commercial cleaning services

At Lifeline Cleaning, our mission is to assist our corporate clients while they focus on their core businesses. We understand that your office is the face of your company and a clean office will go a long way in creating a favourable impression on your clients.


Staff Productivity

An unhealthy...

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Date: 2017-01-14 08:47:03

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Janitorial Services - AffinEco LLC

Keys to our Success:

1. Smart Connections Empower Our Teams

Successful teams need to communicate clearly and effectively. AffinEco outfits supervisors and managers with Web-enabled smartphones and tablet computers ensuring they have an efficient system to communicate with employees, senior managers and customers. These tools also enable online inspections, GPS tracking, safety training and...

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Seattle Maid Services | Susan's Green Cleaning

Susan's Green Cleaning was featured in Rodale's Organic Life Magazine. �Read about our green cleaning tips here .

Giving Back

A portion of Susan's Green Cleaning�proceeds goes to the following organizations:

Donating Cleanings

Donating a cleaning every month to the Ronald McDonald House.

Training and Certification

Susan's Green Cleaning is an� IICRC accredited cleaning company, which is a prestigious and hard-earned achievement that very few cleaning companies have. Every employee of Susan's Green Cleaning�has...

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Tomorrow's Cleaning



Tomorrow's Cleaning is your digital�cleaning magazine,�providing you with the latest cleaning news,�exclusive content, advice, products and the latest job vacancies -�all available online. Welcome to 21st Century cleaning.

Julius Rutherfoord Designs Bespoke Cleaning Solution

Published on 5/01/2017

The Design Museum, which is set to become the world's leading museum...

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Best Mop for Tile Floors | Ceramic Tile floor | Top Rated

Best mop for tile floors must be able to clean both dry and wet materials off the tiled floor quickly, but without leaving a single grease, stain or crumbs after that quick cleaning. Moreover, since there are various types of tiles, the mop should be able to do deep cleaning without leaving scratches. As an advancement of the old school mop that requires a lot of scrubbing and repeated wringing...

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Free Cleaning Logo Design - Make Cleaning Logos in Minutes

Why Use Free Logo Services

Trusted - Used by more than 100,000 satisfied customers

Quality - We use award winning professional logo designers

Easy & Fast - Simple 3 step design process that takes minutes

Try It Free - Customize a free logo design & pay EUR29.95 for unlimited use

Large Selection - Choose from 1000's of graphics and types of free logos

How It Works

Enter the text you would like in...

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Date: 2017-01-14 12:50:54

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Twisted Wire Industrial Cleaning Brushes | Sanderson MacLeod

Twisted Wire Industrial Cleaning Brushes

Industrial Brushes That Fit Any Application

Industrial cleaning needs are incredibly varied in size, scope, and application. Along with those variations comes an array of cleaning best practices, standards, and required equipment. Industrial cleaning supply OEMs know that the right product can make cleaning jobs much more efficient. An important tool in...

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VIP Bin Cleaning | World leaders for Waste Container ...

Latest referral for VIP: Bath Spa University. Click here for full story

VIP Bin Cleaning announces first-ever large automatic wash line

VIP Bin Cleaning has announced the design, manufacture and installation of its first-ever large in situ automatic bin cleaning wash line. The company are continuing to develop its products and services in response to an ever-changing marketplace.

The wash line was ordered by environmental solutions provider, BPR Group for its Purfleet premises, with VIP winning the...

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