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Most Costly Headache

Runaway maids have proven to be a very serious problem. Statistics show that there are about 800 maids from a neighbouring country who abscond every month in Malaysia. Many employers prefer to employ these maids because of lower wages and application costs.

Although it may initially appear to be less costly in employing these maids, it can actually turn out to be very costly...

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Maid in Malaysia: finding and hiring a live-in helper ...

Beat your pregnancy stress!

10 easy ways to beat stress in pregnancy.

Once you've decided that a maid is the best person to care for your baby, finding and hiring the right one is crucial to the quality of care your baby will get, and also to the smooth running of your household once you are back at work. Our guide to finding a live-in helper can help.

How do I find and hire a foreign...

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8. Do we qualify to get a second maid?

1. What is the definition of NEW and TRANSFER maids?

For classification purposes, New maids refer to those currently not in Singapore although they may have worked here before. Transfer maids refer to those currently in Singapore and can...

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T&L Maid Agency Complaints, Reviews, & Information

Cheated by T&L Maid Agency

Finally I took back rm4K out of rm4.5K.

My advice to all is NEVER NEVER EVER trust your agency! All they want is your MONEY! Always request for proves and explanations.

After the harsh conversation from the manager, i decided to go to Jabatan Imigresen myself. They issued me the cancellation letter in a breeze which was contrary to what the manager had said to me. Then...

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