Customer Complaints about your Cleaning Business is a Good Thing

Getting a complaint about your cleaning business is a good thing. You are probably wondering why did I say that. Watch this 2 minute video that describes exactly why I feel that an occasional customer complaint is OK.

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From: Brandon Rogers

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How to start a commercial cleaning business from home

Tips on what is needed to have a cleaning business from home .

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From: Keith Sloane

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Start A Window Cleaning Business - New Construction Projects

Inside this video I reveal some of my best tips for getting massive exposure for your Window Cleaning Business, and how to obtain New Construction window cleaning clients.

All the tips are actually quite straight forward, and once you start implementing them, you should definitely start seeing how you will get more clients for your Window Cleaning Business.

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Thanksgiving Marketing Tactics for Carpet Cleaning Business See examples for carpet cleaning businesses of Postcards to clients

Greeting cards to clients

EDDM Neighborhood marketing

Referral source marketing: Gift cards


Facebook ads

Google Adwords

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From: John Braun

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House Cleaning Job | Start a Cleaning Business - Download this FREE report. Turn you existing skills into a house cleaning job for money. Use a business plan designed for this economy.

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Sample Video - Cleaning Business

Business websites with video promoting your business for $79/month. We also include Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, and Twitter pages for your business.

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From: Online CPA Services, LLC

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