Hairfairy's home made cleaning hacks

This video is natural eco friendly home made cleaning solutions using vinegar and washing up liquid.

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From: Hairfairy Dublin

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White Vinegar Cleaning & Laundry Uses

White Vinegar is a traditional cleaning solution that has been used safely for centuries. The active ingredient in White Vinegar is acetic acid, and it has cleaning, descaling & deodorising properties. Use White Vinegar to descale a kettle; clean & descale a dishwasher; as a rinse aid; to clean stainless steel; as a multi-surface cleaner; as a fabric softener; to prevent deodorant stains; to deodorise workout clothing; to clean shower screens; to clean windows & mirrors; to make furniture...

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From: Dri Pak

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DIY Home Maintenance: Cleaning Vinyl Siding (Mildew) On A Mobile Home

My adventures cleaning vinyl siding on a mobile home without using a pressure washer or bleach. The property management company complains about using excessive water and this is my solution to clean the exterior of this home in a trailer park.

After looking at several cleaning products: House wash, simple green, bleach and other products with questionable results. Vinegar is also a more natural and viable option with a small amount of dish detergent to work on the source of the mildew as...

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From: heavymechanic2

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MJH Home: Cleaning glass with vinegar

How to clean a glass mirror or window with water and vinegar. Meg Stone shows us how to make a non-toxic cleaner solution that can be used on all types of glass, windows and mirrors leaving all your glass surfaces pristine.

You'll need:

Cooled Boiled Water



00:30 In a squirt bottle, pour two parts Vinegar and one part cooled boiled water.

01:00 Spray generously onto the mirror. With a sheet of newspapers, wipe around and down the mirror.

Your mirror will be...

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From: Meg Stone

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Carpet Cleaning : How to Remove a Set-In Dog Smell from a Carpet at Home

If you need to remove a set-in dog smell from a carpet at home, make sure you spray not only the carpet but also the AC intake with a vinegar-water solution, misting the solution through the entire home for good measure. A floor-and-carpet professional explores the options in this free video on carpet cleaning.

Expert: John Mickel


Bio: John Mickel owns Dynamic Carpet Care in Tampa, Florida.

Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Series Description: Remove tough...

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From: essortment

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Choosing the Right Organic Cleaning Products

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When it comes to choosing organic cleaning products, words like organic on the label are not always keeping up with government regulations in several countries and some of the ingredients may not be organic. Most countries have official certification agencies that allow organic cleaning products that meet their standards to display their logo on...

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From: Natalie Pestova

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