Applying our cleaning solution to vinyl siding during and after

Here we are applying to the cleaning solution to a vinyl siding house and you will see the difference in the matter of minutes.

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Applying Cleaning Solution Before Power Washing

To get a really achieve a good clean job you may need to apply cleaning solution to the house before power washing. Here Mike from PowerPro-MI uses the special applicator to pretreat this side of the house.

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Pressure Washing Siding Houston Texas

Cleaning Siding in Houston Texas should be done using the Soft Wash cleaning method shown here by Clean and Green Solutions of Houston Texas. High Pressure, caused by the use of a pressure washer can cause damage to the surface as well as inconsistent cleaning patterns. Our method of cleaning is not pressure washing, but instead is called Soft Washing, and it is how we clean a wide variety of surfaces. In this video you see we are cleaning the siding on a Houston Texas home that has mold and...

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Siding Cleaning Halifax-Vinyl And Aluminum Siding. 902-471-8008.

Our house wash mix consists of the following ingredients:

Elemonator house wash soap, water, & just enough bleach

To kill mold and mildew.We wash away the dirt,mold, etc.

with very low water pressure.Low pressure house washing

"soft washing" is the safest and better method of washing

vinyl and aluminum siding homes.

We use the cleaning detergents recommended by the vinyl

siding institute website, from the cleaning instructions page.

To summarize, soft washing is the use of very low...

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DIY Home Maintenance: Cleaning Vinyl Siding (Mildew) On A Mobile Home

My adventures cleaning vinyl siding on a mobile home without using a pressure washer or bleach. The property management company complains about using excessive water and this is my solution to clean the exterior of this home in a trailer park.

After looking at several cleaning products: House wash, simple green, bleach and other products with questionable results. Vinegar is also a more natural and viable option with a small amount of dish detergent to work on the source of the mildew as...

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