How to Clean Mirrors with a Steam Cleaner

Can’t seem to clean your mirrors without leaving streaks? Use the Dupray HOME™ steam cleaner to disinfect and clean mirrors both large and small. Visit to learn more about the different types of accessories that come with the HOME™ steam cleaner that properly cleans mirrors without any streaks or remaining residue. With steady steam pressure, anyone who uses the HOME™ is able to clean any mirror – small or large – like a true...

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Professional Steam Cleaning for Carpets

Hired a professional carpet cleaner from

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Professional Steam Cleaning - sink

Professional Steam Cleaning of kitchen sink, get rid of all bacteria&germs and limescale order steam cleaning today on

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220-240V 2400W 8bar home care steam cleaner

The 2400W 8bar small model steam cleaner is only suggested for home care cleaning purposes, if for professional high efficiency commercial and industrial cleaning, please choose more powerful steam cleaners.

Hengyan also manufacture 220-240V 1ph, 380V 3ph electric and LPG(liquefied petroleum gas) powered powerful 8bar 6KW/12KW steam car washers and 10bar 7.5KW/15KW/30KW/60KW or more powerful industrial steam cleaners.

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Jackson Cleaners Switches from Perc to Steam Cleaning

Dry cleaner Jackson Cleaners in Melrose, Mass. switched from using perc to professional steam cleaning. Owner Thanh Dinh is happy with the quality of the clothes and the lower overall cost.

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Gemini Professional Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner - GSC1500

Product Demo

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Professional steam cleaning -- OVEN GRILLS

Professional Steam Cleaning - very effective to clean oven grills just watch it.

To book Steam Cleaning Service please visit

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Batvac 50 Steam

The BatVac 50 Steam is powerful, industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner, specially designed to quick vacuum large flooring areas with ease. It is also a multi-purpose professional steam cleaner with continuous steam system and detergent injection function.

For more information, visit or call 1800 622 770

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Auto Steam Cleaners - Best Car Detailing Equipment Ever

Daimer® auto steam cleaners continue to be the favorite auto detailing equipment of professional car cleaners, due to the many advantages these innovatively designed auto steam cleaning machines offer over conventional cleaning tools and processes. The KleenJet® Pro Plus 200S and 300CS are among the most advanced car cleaning systems available today.

The vapor steam cleaner machines are popular for their low moisture cleaning methods. The models are designed to deliver optimum cleaning...

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VC-4000-C Features Video, VAPOR STEAM CLEANER Powerful Commercial / Industrial Steam Cleaner, JRI --- Videos Demonstrates The Powerful Features Of the VC 4000-C Vapor Steam Cleaner System. Commercial Steam Cleaners work! JRI. Commercial and industrial professional, Janitorial, steam cleaner contractors, hotels, auto detail industry and much more. Best steam cleaner prices guaranteed!

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