Sargent Steam on Good Things Utah cleaning your tennis shoes.

Joyce Mathie, owner of Sargent Steam, demonstrates how the Sargent Steam Machine can clean your dirty tennis shoes in half the time of a scrub brush and chemicals. It cleans them healthier, greener and cleaner!

Since 1995, Sargent Steam has been providing innovative cleaning machines that use steam vapor technology to clean your whole home without harsh chemicals. A Sargent Steam machine cleans your kitchen, bathroom, fridge, greasy pots and pans, oven and more with only steam. We even...

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Deep Cleaning and Home Cleaning Services Dubai

Are you looking maids in Dubai? Magicmaids is the Professional maid services providing in Dubai. We are providing the services are deep cleaning services, home cleaning services , steam cleaning services, Pet care at home, Baby sitting services Dubai, nannies Dubai. Magic Maids covers today almost all major parts of Dubai. We have adopted a systematic top-down approach for fulfilling our clients need, ensuring quality and consistency day-in, day-out. Likewise, with the gargantuan experience...

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How to Clean Shower Ceramic Tiles with a Steam Cleaner

The best way to clean shower grout & ceramic tiles isn't by spraying (and inhaling) toxic cleaning products. Visit to learn how this european-made steam cleaner can deep clean showers and remove months of dirt accumulation in grout lines. Start cleaning efficiently and chemical-free with the Dupray HOME™ steam cleaner.

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How to Clean Ceilings with a Steam Cleaner

Staring at ceilings is common when you can’t sleep. It’s time to stare at a clean ceiling. Watch how the Dupray HOME™ steam cleaner sterilizes, disinfects residential ceilings using the power of steam. Visit to learn more about why the HOME™ steam cleaner is so effective at cleaning ceilings. In brief, the adjustable pressure, low-moisture superheated steam gently loosens dirt, grime and filth saturated in the walls, and allows for...

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Looking for Cleaning Services Dubai??

If you are in search of house cleaning services in Dubai? Maids on time is the Professional maids cleaning service provider Dubai.Our maids very efficient in home cleaning services, deep cleaning services, steam cleaning services and office cleaning services. Each employee has gone through an extensive training program conducted by German Management which emphasizes product knowledge and procedures to provide consistent and thorough cleaning every time. The Home cleaning services provided by...

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How to Clean a Granite or Marble Floor with a Steam Cleaner

How to clean a granite or marble floor - See how the Dupray HOME™ steam cleaner can clean and sanitize granite and marble floors quickly and safely. Visit to learn more about how to use all-natural steam to clean any type of flooring, from marble to hardwood and delicate rugs. The HOME™ steam cleaner will leave granite floors shiny and streak-free.

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HF3160 Smallest Model of Commercial & Home Use Steam Cleaner

HF3160 is the smallest model of steam cleaning machine for commercial and home use. It is powered by 220V 1ph, with 3.5 KW and 6 bar steam pressure, suitable for car interior cleaning, kitchen wash industry, home care cleaning, etc.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne (made with Spreaker)


Browse this site for more information on Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne. Neat and clean homes always look beautiful. However, dust, dirt and grease play a great role in ruining the beauty of a house. Today, carpets can be seen in almost all houses. Carpets get dirty and should be cleaned regularly. Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne is the safest...

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Urban Housekeeping - Steam Cleaning in Dubai

Urban House Keeping handles deep steam cleaning service in Dubai. Steam cleaning is known to be one of the best solutions to disinfect, clean and deodorize the entire home.

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RUG CLEANING - Carpet Cleaning - Steam Cleaning Leeds.

Rug cleaning,carpet cleaning leeds, home cleaning, home cleaners,steam cleaning leeds, Upholstery Cleaning,carpet steam tube.

07419 775392

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