How to Clean a Fabric Sofa with a Steam Cleaner

Watch how the Dupray ONE™ steam cleaner fabulously cleans and disinfects fabric sofas. Visit to learn more about using steam power to freshen up your fabric couches. Effective under all types of material, fabrics and colors, the Dupray ONE™ steam cleaner uses safe, low-moisture, low-pressure superheated steam to lift and loosen dirt and soot off of every sofa. Never sit on an unclean couch ever again.

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How to Clean Pillows with a Steam Cleaner

Are your white pillows becoming another color? Do they have an unpleasant stench? Use the Dupray ONE™ steam cleaner to sanitize and disinfect pillows. Visit to learn more about using the power of steam to restore pillows. Whether they be throw pillows, wedge pillows, neck pillows, reading pillows, couch pillows, designer pillows or body pillows, the ONE™ is able to use a stream of superheated low-moisture steam to eliminate any allergens,...

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Steam Cleaner - Joyce Mathie at Good Things Utah's Angie Larsen's House.

Steam Cleaner - - Joyce Mathie visits Good Things Utah's Angie Larsen. Joyce teaches single mom, Angie Larsen how to use a Sargent Steam Cleaner that makes her cleaning experience fast, fun, and healthy with no toxic chemicals - just water. You can clean live plants and your couch. Joyce teaches how to get even get your children to help with steam cleaning housework. Joyce is the Steam Cleaning Guru and her and her educated and savvy team can come and give you a...

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SV8 Steam Cleaner for Upholstery - How to Clean Car Seats

I am using the SV8 steam cleaner with detergent injection to steam and vacuum out deep in ground grime and body oils from a very marked car seat. When we finished cleaning the seats in this vehicle they looked brand new and added loads of value. This steam machine is a durable European built light commercial machine and is ideal for use by auto detailers, coach companies, aged care facilities, motels and accommodation and hotels to keep their seats, couches and curtains clean and sanitised.

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Steam cleaner. From Walmart

Used it on the couch , and on the table windows, and ...try to get rid of Bedbug's again. summer of 2015 . long beach problem's 90802. I have spend so much money on new furniture, cleaning products. Over , and over . When the rest of the old school tenants are bringing things from the trash cans . Back to the apartments.

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