Gold Crown Cleaning Services - Domestic Cleaning In Your Home

Kingsmaid Gold Crown Cleaning Service

Domestic Cleaning In Your Home

Your home will be cleaned by one of our fully-uniformed and vetted team of Kingsmaid home cleaners on a day of your choosing and using our own specialist cleaning products and...

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Carpet Cleaning Palmdale CA | Antelope Valley Chem-Dry

Call us today at (661) 524-8144

Office Hours

Mon - Fri 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Sat 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Cleaning Hours

Mon-Sat Starting at 8:00 a.m.

24-Hour Emergency Water Damage


"The fellows who cleaned our carpets were total professionals and were friendly and courteous.

I love using Chem-Dry Carpet cleaning because they GUARANTEE their work. Due to heavy pet stains and the smell...

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My Car Smells: 7 Tips for Getting Rid of Bad Auto Odors ...

You may get into your car one day and think, my car smells. Once you notice a smell the next thought is how to I get rid of the smell. There are many different things that can cause nasty smells. You may notice your car smells of gas, the car smells of rotten eggs, or of something else. If the smells are from the engine then you will need to fix what is causing that smell. If you spilled...

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Steam Cleaners – Mops, Carpet, Handheld | Amazon UK

Kitchen & Home Appliances Deals & Offers Best Sellers Small Kitchen Appliances Coffee Machines Vacuums & Floor Care Heating & Cooling Air Care Ironing Large Appliances Wedding List

Steam Cleaners

Welcome to the Steam Cleaner homepage at We stock a wide range of steam cleaners, perfect for any job around the house. Here you can find cleaners ideal for hard floors , tiles , bathrooms...

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Wet vs. Dry Carpet Cleaning - US Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning companies recommend two major methods of carpet maintenance. These are the traditional wet procedures and more modern dry cleaning methods.

Wet Methods

Shampooing carpets is the oldest and arguably the least effective of all the known methods. Different varieties and brands of shampoo are being sold in the market. These commodities have deodorizers and other components which can...

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How to fix a Bissell carpet cleaner that won't spray water ...

Written 5d ago

You take it back to the store for reimbursement and call a professional carpet cleaner! I'm only half joking - sometimes, people are not doing themselves a favour by using these machines. You must control The amount of liquid being sprayed onto your carpet and adhere to the recommended detergent type and quantity or else you run the risk of having other problems with your carpets...

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Green Tips: Removal of Clutter | Maid Brigade

Green Tips: Removal of Clutter

Green Tips: Removal of Clutter

Purging and de-cluttering is not easy, and involves physical and often emotional effort, but we all have to do it from time to time. Most people find this task tedious and time-consuming at best. For others, the decisions to keep personal belongings or to discard them can be very troubling psychologically.

The good news is that...

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The Oreck® Promise

Our connection is our customers. At Oreck®, we're here to help every step of the way.

From helping you choose the best machine for you, to buying your next cleaner, we promise to not only provide the quality service...

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services - South Africa

The Most Effective Carpet Cleaning in South Africa

Our�carpet cleaning service personnel �have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with our high quality service�that best suits your needs, And we'll do it without breaking the bank. Our specialists have developed and improved our step by step method that guarantees great results every time. It brings along many benefits you will enjoy when booking us.

We only use latest most efficient vacuums and shampoos

We will take...

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lizzy write: magical carpet cleaner

February 9, 2011

magical carpet cleaner

Several weeks ago I was heading out the door to a dinner party. In one arm I held a big salad bowl. In the other was a glass jar of salad dressing I had just made. As I tried to manuever open our heavy front door, the jar slipped out of my hand. In slow motion I yelled "Noooooo!" as the glass shattered on the wood floor and the contents splattered all over the wall and our cheap apartment carpet.

You guys, I was so upset. I was already late to this party and all I wanted to do was sit down in the middle of this puddle of oil and vinegar and cry. Instead I picked up the glass pieces, did a quick wipe...

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Date: 2017-01-13 23:02:27

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Steammopreviews - 4 Best Steam Mops 2017 Reviews & Ratings


How to Choose the Best Steam Mop - 2017 Guide

Are you looking for steam mop reviews and ratings? Well, you've come to the right place. On this site, you'll find unbiased reviews of the best steam mops�and steam�cleaners on the market, as well as a number of guides and tips on buying and using them.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Steam Mop

In recent years, the use of steam mops...

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8 Professional House Cleaning Secrets-Cleaning Tips

House Cleaning Tips > Cleaning Tip > 8 Professional House Cleaning Secrets



8 Secret Professional House Cleaning Tips

We all know the importance of keeping a clean house and it's something we all go about differently.

Regardless of where you start - whether it is in the master bathroom or the kitchen, the results would probably be the same, a pretty clean house.

Dulled by the humdrum of...

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Date: 2017-01-14 11:37:15

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Best Steam Mop or Best Steam Cleaner – Reviews ...

Babz 10 in 1 Steam Mop

Among low and medium priced cleaners the Vax Steam Mop S7 - 2 in 1 Upright and Handheld Steam Cleaner is the most popular. It is the #1 Best Buy Steam Mop UK. It is very cheap but effective in cleaning floors and other surfaces.

It has been a bestselling cleaner in Amazon for the last two years. The S7 is a 2-in-1 cleaner that performs as well as most pricy cleaners. The...

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Date: 2017-01-13 09:29:10

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OneStopCleaningShop - Henry Vacuum Cleaner - One Stop

Quick Buy

Cleaning Supplies UK Next Day Delivery

Buy cleaning supplies online and pay before 3pm for same day despatch. Delivery is FREE on all orders over £50. Call 0117 305 1984 for FREE advice from our friendly and experienced staff. The One Stop Cleaning Shop warehouse stocks anything from vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, window cleaning equipment, mops and buckets, cleaning chemicals and...

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Tips to keep the car clean with kids - Your Modern Family

Shares 6K

I wanted to share how to keep the car clean with kids.

My husband and I have four kids and they are all very young (8, 6, 4, 2) which means that we deal with messes on a daily basis.   Between the sandbox, the dirt from the yard, snacks, etc...  there is always some sort of mess in the car.   (Why is it that they somehow get a ton of crumbs in their cupholders?  Do your kids do...

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Restaurant-Cleaning Services | NYC Cleaners | Busy Bee ...

By Janet Connors

Busy Bee prides itself on its ability to clean a variety of locations, from homes in residential NYC to large-scale businesses and schools. We are particularly proud of our restaurant-cleaning services. Restaurants are important places to keep sanitary because they are a primary location for food preparation and consumption. As a top restaurant-cleaning company in the city, we...

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Buy DYSON Big Ball Total Clean Cylinder Bagless Vacuum ...

Designed to remove ground-in dirt

None of the drawbacks of wet cleaning

No sticky detergent residue

Keep your carpets looking and smelling great with the Dyson Zorb Carpet Cleaner.

This carpet cleaning powder allows you to enjoy the benefits of wet cleaning as it effortlessly removes ground-in dirt, without the need for steam or water.

This Zorb Cleaner is an essential for home owners who want to...

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