Mytee M12 tile cleaning Machine

How to use you Mytee M12 tile cleaning and carpet cleaning machine. This machine will clean upholstery, tile, and carpets all with just one machine. On sale at

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From: Steambrite

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Car Door Cleaning with Steam Vapour

Car door cleaning with dry steam vapour and steam cleaner.

Car Steam Cleaning are specialists in the supply high temperature steam vapour and vacuum machines. Their range consists of both fixed and mobile car washing and detailing equipment.

For more information on high temperature steam vapour machines, visit or call 1800 622 770.

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From: Car Steam Cleaning

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Steam Cleaning In the News

Sargent Steam was featured on a local morning news show. In this segments you will be introduced to Steam and its amazing capabilities.

Since 1995, Sargent Steam has been providing innovative cleaning machines that use steam vapor technology to clean your whole home without harsh chemicals. A Sargent Steam machine cleans your kitchen, bathroom, fridge, greasy pots and pans, oven and more with only steam. We even kill nasty bed bugs! We can teach you how to clean green without using ANY...

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From: Sargent Steam Cleaner

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How to Steam Clean Window Blinds - Daimer Steam Cleaners

The best way to make those window blinds look clean and attractive is to invest in a window blind steam cleaning equipment. The best ones come from Daimer® (, the undisputed leader in supplying high-end, superior cleaning systems. They offer versatile steam cleaning equipment that can work as a dry/wet vacuum, steam vacuum, and vapor steam cleaner.

Features that Enhance Cleaning Results

Steam temperatures from blind cleaning equipment from Daimer® can reach as high as...

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From: Daimer Industries Inc.

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Steam Car Wash Machine and Industrial Steam Cleaner

Heng'An Steam Cleaner can be used in Car Interior, Exterior and Engine cleaning, disinfection, bad smell killing and Industrial Steam Cleaning---can be applied in car wash, kitchen equipment cleaning, medical equipment cleaning, food chain line cleaning, factory equipment cleaning, oil field derrick cleaning,etc.

Here in the video you can see:

1. Steam Car Wash Process;

2. Car Mat Steam Cleaning, Sterilizing Effect;

3. Heavy Oil Dirty Kitchen Window Steam Cleaning...

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Commercial Laundry Installation 104 By Stefab India Limited, New Delhi

Founded in 1975, Stefab India Limited has gained an admirable position in Manufacturing and Exporting of Laundry Presses, Washer Extractors, Apparel Processing Machines, Dry Cleaning Machines, Garment Machines, Steam Irons & Accessories, Steam Generator, Garment Trolley and Dress Finishing Machine. Our provided products are made utilizing the optimum quality raw material that is sourced from top sellers of market.

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Steam Cleaner - Joyce Mathie at Good Things Utah's Angie Larsen's House.

Steam Cleaner - - Joyce Mathie visits Good Things Utah's Angie Larsen. Joyce teaches single mom, Angie Larsen how to use a Sargent Steam Cleaner that makes her cleaning experience fast, fun, and healthy with no toxic chemicals - just water. You can clean live plants and your couch. Joyce teaches how to get even get your children to help with steam cleaning housework. Joyce is the Steam Cleaning Guru and her and her educated and savvy team can come and give you a...

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From: Sargent Steam Cleaner

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Whats The Best Way To Clean Your Carpets Steam or Dry Cleaning

I get asked every day what is the best way to clean carpets, is it with a carpet steam clean or a carpet dry cleaning method.

I think the best way is with a steam clean, there are 3 different types of carpet cleaning methods, 1. Hot water extraction using a portable machine 2. Truck mounted steam cleaning 3. Dry cleaning and all have their place in the carpet cleaning industry, but for me after 20 years of cleaning experience I still think the truck mounted steam cleaning method is the best way...

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From: Best 1 Cleaning and Pest Control

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Steam Cleaning of Car Interior


“STEAM CLEANING” is unique eco-friendly cleaning service for all cars that is sanitizing and cleaning way. It as true vapor steam (generated from water boiling at 212F). Only dry vapor steam can achieve clean-ing without waste-water run-off and chemical-free sanitation. Steam is safe on various interior. That is fast sterilizing and stubborn dirt, dirty removal finished.



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From: Kenny No

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house cleaning,cleaning machine, cleaning equipment, steam washer, steam cleaner

house cleaning,cleaning machine, cleaning equipment, steam washer, steam cleaner

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From: Lohan Jack

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