LCDD-8B steam cleaner machine high pressure washer

Door to door service car washer, steam cleaner machine,, high pressure washer.

1. Using steam to clean cars

2. Using water to clean cars

3. Steam pressure 20bar or 12bar

4. With vacuum cleaner

5. 1 year warranty time

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From: May Chou

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Wash car machine using dry steam to clean the car seat

From the video you can see the worker is cleaning the car seat with dry steam. Our wash car machine can be dry steam and wet steam. Wet steam is used for cleaning the car body. For more information, please go to my website: My phone: +86 15736766203


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From: Elaine Wang

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End of tenancy carpet cleaning Exeter

Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning using truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine.

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From: FAB Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning with Powerful Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaning Machine

1-949-545-5205 Steam Cleaning Carpets by Pacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning in Newport Beach, CA PCC is a family owned and operated business, offering the best value, at the lowest prices available today. We have been serving Southern California since 1987 and have many loyal customers. Please check our references! (949) 545-5205

Check out our Specials at

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From: Jeff Bryant

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Window Cleaning in a Car with Steam Vapour

Window cleaning in a car with steam vapour and steam accessories.

Car Steam Cleaning are specialists in the supply high temperature steam vapour and vacuum machines. Their range consists of both fixed and mobile car washing and detailing equipment.

For more information on high temperature steam vapour machines, visit or call 1800 622 770.

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From: Car Steam Cleaning

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Steam Cleaning a Restaurant Ice Machine

Ice machine cleaning can be difficult using lots of water. Watch this video to see how easy it is using a commercial dry steam cleaner.

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From: amerivap

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Choosing Your steam cleaning machines

Not all steam cleaning machines are the same and it is vital to get the appropriate one for the right job. We describe the important issues to take into account when deciding upon your steamer mop and show you where you can get the most thorough floor steamer reviews to help you make the ebst choice for your family.

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From: Fawkes48

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Crofton Steam Cleaner- top of machine

Cleaning the top of the washing machine with the Crofton Steam Cleaner.

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From: BikeRunYoga

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Air conditioner steam cleaning machine

Air conditioner steam cleaning machine

Jieneng, a supplier specialized in providing steam washers in the worldwide, was founded in 2006 by a group of people with insight and social sense of responsibility who tried to prove the importance of treasuring water in the cleaning industry to the world with their practical action and overwhelming broad prospects of the steam cleaning.

Skype: yan-gei

Tel: 86-13302713981

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From: Gei Yan

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house cleaning,cleaning machine, cleaning equipment, steam washer, steam cleaner

house cleaning,cleaning machine, cleaning equipment, steam washer, steam cleaner

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From: Lohan Jack

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