Mastercraft Cleanfix DS8 Steam Cleaner and Extractor / Vacuum offers the finest in commercial grade and heavy duty use steam cleaners and the high temperature steam vapor cleaners. Large selection of many small portable steam cleaner units to full size high temperature and high pressure steam pressure cleaners.

View our complete website for steam cleaners priced from $299 and commercial use, professional use and industrial use steam cleaners priced from $795.

View our Cleanfix DS8 Steam Cleaner and Vacuum page here -...

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Steam Cleaner Vacuum

The Steam & Vac Pro is a steam cleaner, a dry vacuum cleaner, a wet vacuum cleaner or can be used as a combination of all three For more information see our website

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Professional Steam Cleaner Machines Reviews Professional Steam Cleaner Machines

Professional Steam Cleaner Machines. This is the best steam floor cleaner ever

It steams and disinfects the floor perfectly, and shoots a steam jet stream from the front of the unit to steam clean under the floor boards.

Very effective! The added bonus was the hand held steam cleaner.

It is awesome too! You will be very happy with this steam floor cleaner!

Do you have tile in your kitchen, dining room, living room,...

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Ezy Clean Steam and Vac Hand Held Steam Cleaner

Ezy Clean Steam and Vac Hand held steam cleaner. See this steam cleaner in action with wet and dry vacuum. For more information visit

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Introducing the Vax Steam Fresh Combi steam cleaner

The Vax Steam Fresh Combi is a multifunctional steam cleaner that has a pull out handheld for detailed cleaning above the floor. There are various tools to complete almost every cleaning job and the steam cleaner wont leave your floors soaking wet! To find out more follow the link:

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Steam Cleaners for Every Floor - TOP 5 Steam Cleaners

►Check Prices:

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Steam Cleaner Reviews: Karcher Steam Cleaner SC 1020 (See full independent review on our website)

Best steam cleaner reviews - Reviewing the Karcher Steam Cleaner Sc1020.

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How to Clean a Mattress with a Steam Cleaner

This is how to clean a mattress using a Dupray ONE™ steam cleaner. Visit to learn why superheated low-moisture steam is perfect for sanitize mattresses. Remove bed bugs, kill dust mites and simply refresh mattresses and pillows using nothing but natural steam. With hundreds of other steam cleaning applications, the ONE™ steam cleaner is the ultimate household cleaning and disinfection tool.

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Buy McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

Heavy-duty steam cleaner with 1500 watts of steaming powerRequires no chemicals; 50-ounce water-tank capacity; steam-control switchRemoves stains, grease, and grime from cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boatsStorage compartment for 10 included accessories; 12-foot power cord; caster wheelsMeasures 17-1/2 by 11-3/7 by 9-1/4 inches. Shipping within the US only


Review McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner,Buy McCulloch MC-1275...

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Test Karcher Steam Cleaner 1.020

How To use Steam Cleaner, Portable steam cleaner, Best Steam Cleaner, Portable steam cleaner review,

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